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Nights: 7
Price Per Night:$149.86 (USD)
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Location(s): Dublin , Dublin, Belfast , Belfast , Belfast, Ballycastle , Ballycastle, Derry , Derry, Donegal , Donegal, Dublin , Dublin
Ireland, the "Emerald Isle," has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, which is why it's often been selected for movie locations: "Braveheart," "Far and Away," "The Quiet Man" and "Ryan's Daughter" have all been filmed here. Most recently, the HBO series "Game of Thrones" has used several locations in Northern Ireland. Explore some of these filming locations and other spectacular scenery with this self-drive program.
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Nights: 6
Price Per Night:$233.17 (USD)
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Location(s): Athens , Athens, Cruise , Cruise , Cruise, Athens , Athens
Explore the fascinating history of the Aegean Sea! Begin your adventure in Athens, the cradle of western civilization, before embarking on your small ship cruise. Visit several islands and ports, with optional shore excursions to iconic places such as Turkey's Ephesus or Crete's famous Knossos Palace in Heraklion. If the medieval castle of Rhodes interests you, opt for the Iconic Aegean that includes an extra day at sea.
Nights: 11
Price Per Night:$206.27 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Location(s): Athens , Athens, Mykonos , Mykonos , Mykonos, Santorini , Santorini , Santorini, Crete , Crete , Crete, Athens , Athens
Experience Athens, considered the cradle of western civilization, and the enchantments of three of Greece's most beautiful islands - Mykonos, famous for windmills and nightlife - Santorini, reputed site of Atlantis - Crete, home of the fabled Minotaur and the Palace of King Minos. You begin with two nights in Athens, a city tour then dinner before proceeding to the islands. Finally, return to Athens for a final night before your flight home.